Toledo is widely known as an excellent Spanish classical guitar brand. Its perfect sound quality and delicate craftsmanship originated from the small humanistic town Toledo of Spain where reside a great many artists of superb taste. By inheriting the essence of Spanish classical guitar craftsmanship, Toledo has undergone decades of years of development and gained wide popularity home and abroad. By continuously improving its quality with the help of international guitar players, Toledo makes more and more classic guitar players become its big fans.

  Toledo guitars were created based on traditional Spanish guitar craftsmanship. Those guitar makers were not simply craftsmen but excellent classical guitar players. They uphold persistent imagination and pursuit for guitar art. Located at a town standing splendid gorges and abounding with guitars, Toledo is praised as an "ancient city of art of Spain". Specially chosen materials and innovative design philosophy constitute the solid foundation of Toledo brand.
  In 2013, Hong Kong LEGPAP CO., LTD was authorized by Spanish Toledo Classic Guitar Headquarters to work as its Asia operation center. Hong Kong LEGPAP CO., LTD undertakes the promotion and post-sales service of Toledo in Asian area.
  Concept of Hong Kong LEGPAP CO., LTD: We are not selling Toledo products, we are spreading Toledo works!

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